Evyon exists to enable maximum value generation from EV batteries by repurposing them in a safe, data-driven, and scalable way. Evyon’s proprietary hardware and Battery Cloud ecosystem enable the conversion of spent EV batteries into top-quality, high-value, and plug-and-play battery energy storage systems.

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How would you explain your business model?

Evyon buys battery modules that the automotive industry cannot use anymore, repurposes this into battery systems that can be used in second-life applications, and sells or provides these as a service to system integrators and end-customers.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

Our ambition is to become the European leader in repurposed batteries by the end of 2025, and world-leading by 2030. This means that 5 years from now, we have a well-established footprint in the top European markets (Germany, UK, France, Benelux, Iberia, Nordics), and have also started to venture into key markets like USA, India, Australia, ++.

What’s the unique idea behind your business?

Evyon is leading in terms of battery intelligence capabilities spanning from characterizing battery modules to maximizing the safety, performance, and lifetime of these batteries while in operation. We have a dedicated digital & analytics team made of battery scientists, data scientists, and software developers, we have a battery lab dedicated to second-life batteries, and we have been awarded >1 MEUR in soft funding to develop out cutting-edge battery characterization technology. Furthermore, Evyon is the only player to successfully industrialize a battery energy storage product by outsourcing production to a contract manufacturer.