Ventus Technologies GmbH

Ventus Technologies GmbH

Ventus provides high-accuracy weather forecasts for mobility, making reliable range estimation possible for electric vehicles and other use-cases.

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How would you explain your business model?

Our weather data ist needed by automakers and service provides for the automotive (Google, HERE technologies, TomTom) to make their services accurate and reliable. These companies can get out data over specific Web interfaces to their services. Our pricing model is either vehicle based (preferred by automakers) or transaction based (preferred by service providers). Currently our main business is done by consulting and pilot projects.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

With the large trends of electrification and emergence of autonomous vehicles we have chosen are fast growing market where Ventus can largely benefit from. With our great traction (Pilot projects with Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Hyundai) we are positioning Ventus in a great spot for the years to come. Focusing on weather data for range estimation of electric vehicles we will set a stable base and will be expanding to hazard warnings starting in 2024. We will become one of the leading services.

What’s the unique idea behind your business?

(1) high accuracy forecasts done with our newly developed models in particular for roads. Other weather models are too coarse to resolve details like topography and trees or account for the strong heating of the road surface (2) added value by e.g. providing transparency with live accuracy score or by providing weather data tailor-made for our customers' services (3) support for implementing and development of these services due to our company’s expertise in meteorological and automotive fields