We make electric cars charge when it makes sense.

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How would you explain your business model?

Gridio offers a state of the art software platform that allows anyone to automatically schedule their EV, solar inverter and home batteries to use energy at the most optimal time. Gridio connects to 20+ OEMs via its API connectivity and sends automatic decisions to charge/discharge based on energy tariffs, solar availability and network tariff. Gridio's industry leading app is used by 7,000 EV drivers in the EU and the platform is also available for utilities, solar companies and fleet operators to orchestrate their customers EV and battery charging. Using the platform comes with a monthly service fee per number of devices connected.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

Gridio will be the backbone of distributed energy asset optimisation focusing on cars, solar and batteries. We have a three-step milestone to become a €1bn company. - Become the #1 smart charging app (ongoing) - Become the #1 smart charging platform for B2B users (started with two first deals) - Become the #1 virtual battery comprising cars, inverters and batteries for flexibility provision. Our goal is to have 1 million+ customers under management by 2028.

What’s the unique idea behind your business?

It's highly scalable - we use APIs only to connect to any OEM-supported car and inverter. It's multi-optimal - we co-optimise the behavior of cars and solar production across multiple residential locations and vehicles. It's elegant - Gridio's smart charging app is the fastest growing such application in the EU with 10,000+ monthly active users.