With Cariqa, EV drivers can bid farewell to multiple apps - We provide efficient journeys, charging advice & access to charging stations across Europe

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How would you explain your business model?

Subscription model with pre-paid energy packages similar to mobile data packages for smartphones.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

Cariqa is developing revolutionary AI powered technologies that will transform EV driving and energy management. Our innovative solutions will enable households to gain value from their energy and allow for a more flexible and efficient use of it.

What’s the unique idea behind your business?

Cariqa stands out by offering a comprehensive and simple solution for E-Mobility. Our app provides everything that EV drivers need: real-time vehicle monitoring, intelligent routing, turn-by-turn navigation and access to charging points at no extra cost. Subscription plans based on energy usage provide transparency. What's more, with our unique mobility expertise, Cariqa is constantly pushing the evolve, introducing more AI powered services such as dynamic charging station allocation.