Dr. Torben Fog


Co-founder & CIO / COO

Dr. Torben Fog

Dr. Torben is Chief Information Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Co-founder of Spirii, and has amassed over 13 years of executive experience, focusing on driving the transformation of sustainable transportation solutions.

During his career, he spent 7 years in a pivotal role at E.ON e-mobility, where he operated on both Nordic and European levels. His expertise extends to market-leading technical insights and the design of innovative, profitable e-mobility solutions. His operational excellence is underpinned by a profound understanding of the intricate interplay between technical requirements, market trends, and commercial imperatives.

Experienced in implementing innovative and robust mechanisms, he is keeping an accelerated transition pace towards sustainable transportation in Europe. The hardware and eMobility solution design expert possesses a substantial European network and consisten track record of project fulfillment.